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Clear Skin Remedies to Remove Acne Scars and dark spots

Clear Skin Remedies to Remove Acne Scars and dark spots 

Clear Skin Remedies to Remove Acne Scars and Dark Spots | Product Recommendations and Skincare Tips
My skin became so much better after using the products that you gave us. Hey guys, welcome back to Wishtrend TV It's your sister Eunice here, and I'm so happy to see you guys. So, originally, we were gonna end our series for Wishtrend TV vs acne special acne series after four episodes However, our two guests who was in the videos contacted us and let us know that my skin became so much better after using the products that you gave us.

Let me introduce you to the guest one more time Do you remember Il Hwan? We went to actually the dermatologist together with me and he did get dermatological treatment. But he also did at home treatment and he was in four of the episodes. We have Yoona who actually never ever got dermatological treatment before but she learned the how-to's for each step at home aftercare treatment She was actually in our <Do's and Don'ts> for acne spot treatment. Actually, after we filmed the video we gave them vitamin products so we actually shared each details and each steps of the how to's and they took it home and tried it at home. And now we are here today with the episode to share those tips for you guys Before we get started don't forget to subscribe to Wishtrend TV and follow us on Instagram as well at Wishtrend TV Round One.

Reasons behind post acne pigmentation So we asked our guests what may be the reason that you got pigmentation. I had really bad inflammatory acne, and I think the problem was that I just didn't treat them at all because I didn't know how to. I think they scarred because I extracted my acne too much at home. That's right, so if you leave your pigmentation alone, you don't do anything about it or if you use too much force to pop your acne, then actually it can leave red dark pigmentation and not just that it can make dented or keloid scars because your skin tissue can become damaged.

If you have dented scars from neglecting your breakouts for a long period of time It's really difficult to recover your skin by just using the skincare products at home. For this case, you do need a little bit of extra help from the dermatology So for the scars that are not dented but that are red or that are dark pigmentation We do have at home aftercare treatment for you guys and this can definitely help your skin to recover rapidly So let's find out why we're trying to recommend you guys to this treatment with vitamins in Round Two. Round Two Pigmentation, their reason you need vitamin care Now once your inflammation has calmed down it's time to give your skin some energy and love.

So a good ingredient for this is ascorbic acid, which is also known as vitamin C. Now, as you guys know one of the best effects of vitamin C is the brightening effect. Now it helps to reduce the production of melanin which helps to brighten your skin tone and to fade away acne scars. Also, it helps to reduce active oxygen which is caused by the UV rays and as well it helps to reduce and prevent the dullness of your skin and it helps with the melasma as well Secondly, it helps to improve acne Vitamin C has really great anti-inflammatory effects It's also really well known to help your skin recover from UV rays or inflammation as well Plus not just that but vitamin C helps to increase the production of collagen. It helps you actually reduce the acne scar size and also vitamin C helps with the production of collagen. It's so amazing to reduce the size of your acne scars and as well is so good for skin brightening So as you guys know your skin barrier is the healthiest when it's at its low pH state, right? So vitamin C also helps with that because it helps to control your sebum glands It helps to lower the acidity of your skin. So it turns it back into the low pH state that it should be in Third is exfoliation. Now vitamin C is amazing to remove that skin cells for exfoliation It's gonna help to make your skin smoother and softer, improve your skin texture and as well because it removes the dead skin cells, it helps the next products to absorb much better and deeper into your skin Round Three Acne skincare routine. All right.

So now we're gonna be sharing the acne skincare routine that we shared with our two guests and we're going to be sharing with you how to use vitamin products more effectively We've already explained the importance of proper extraction and other videos. If you haven't seen that video yet, please go check it out and if you kind of forgot the tips you guys can go back and check it out as well So even if your extraction was successful, that's fine.

That's great However Your skin can become really damaged or sensitive especially the area of the extraction. But most likely within this process of extraction your skin is damaged or probably really irritated or sensitive So it's really important to do aftercare treatments to speed up the recovery process First, skincare routine right after extraction. After extraction, we want to recommend that you use an acne patch. Now, you can put this off for 12 hours so after cleansing and nighttime use an acne patch. Then use a non irritating toner and a cream with regeneration effects Secondly, skincare routine right after dermatological treatment.

Now, after the treatment your skin is gonna become really sensitive and irritated so it's really important to go back home to use a gentle toner and then use a cream that has regenerating effect and make sure that you do this until your skin feels healed and your skin feels calmed. It really depends on each individual's condition at the moment of your skin However, Il Hwan did this for three to seven days Okay. Now let us introduce you to some other tips. Number one, use an oil-free product to prevent future breakouts And number two, make sure to cleanse your face only twice a day Once in the morning and once at night because we do want to lessen and minimize any irritation on your skin Number three, use a cleanser with low pH level of 5.5. Third, skincare routine for post-acne pigmentation.

All right. Now we're gonna be talking about how to use vitamin C products properly. Now, since it is very irritating to do it right after extraction or right after the dermatological treatments, it's important that you do it after that it has healed and calmed fully. And we do want to recommend that you do it after the two routines that we've just mentioned right before. First of all, you have to choose a good product We want to recommend that you choose something with at least five percent of ascorbic acid vitamin C, and also we want to recommend you use vitamin C and vitamin E together because they have such great synergy effects when used together So after you use your vitamin C products, please use a vitamin E product to make sure to have that perfect (whispering)synergy effect. YES! And most importantly to prevent pigmentation you have to wear sunscreens before you go out and this is not just for, you know, few days. But you have to do it every single day, okay? this is very important And I know that what we talked about today is a very simple routine But you need to do a very consistently to see the effects like our two guests did.

Both of our guests were a little bit worried because they had never tried a vitamin C product before. But for those of you maybe that has never tried a vitamin C product no worries, because we're going to share with you how to use vitamin C products safely. First, gradually increase the amount you use When you use a vitamin C product for the first time, make sure that you use a small amount. And when you first use it it's very natural that you can feel a bit of stinging. If this happens try this tip. Avoid using the vitamin C product right after cleansing, but after cleansing use a toner and then use your vitamin C products. Secondly, check out our previous video that we explained about the ingredients that you should not use with vitamin C. We will link everything in the description below. So please check it out. Lastly, we asked our guest what they focused on the most for their acne care routines I tried hard to constantly follow the skincare routine and I washed my hands before cleansing. I tried to not touch my face and tried to minimize the irritation from exfoliation.