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Daily yoga routine for 10-20 minutes

 Daily yoga routine for 10-20 minutes

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Staying at home has made me feel really restless... and for some reason I'vealso started to feel a little bit more anxious and cooped up. I've been havingtrouble falling asleep, my muscles have been really aching especially on myshoulders and on my chest. 

I always asked you guys for tips and recommendations andactually a lot of you guys, amongst all the tips that you shared, a lot of you guysactually told me to try yoga. I've heard a lot about yoga and all of its benefitsbut to be honest I've always thought that I wasn't someone suitable for yoga.But this opportunity finally came about because I was speaking to the Lululemonteam about my problems and they were like hey you know what how about we tryto pair you up with someone that can teach you proper yoga stretches at home? That might potentially help you and maybe if you like you can share it withyour viewers as well! This video, I'm gonna share the routine that I've beendoing the past two weeks at home and I really found it to be really useful andhelpful especially for people who are in the same situation as me. 

You know youfeel really cooped up, who feels really restless and you're in need of somethingthat helps you calm down at the same time, relieve all of your muscle fatigueand your body fatigue. They paired me up with Jessica Sinclair. So Jess is thefounder of The Yoga Mandela and I actually did a lesson via Zoom virtuallyand she actually taught me quite a bit. 

So let me just show you guys how the first lesson went! Okay I'm just done  first session with Jessica. She was absolutely knowledgeable and very very patient with me. And I I gotta say like Iused to be the person who thought that yoga wasn't for me because I'm veryinflexible. I've got super tight muscles and what Jessica basically taught me was that yoga is meant for everyone and I think I think I'm starting to see it.Like you know she was so patient with me, she literally walked me through thecorrect form and alignment and she was like extremely dead set about like getting myalignment correct. 

But of course you know being a beginner myself, I'm still farfrom perfect. It was not easy I tell you it was honestly quite hard. It makes you feellike more powered I would say... like it makes me feel more alive and now I feellighter. Well I am wearing the exact same outfit because this is one of myfavorite outfits from Lululemon to be in especially when I do my yoga stretches.I'm wearing the Energy Bra Longline so this fabric is extremely flexible. Ireally like to just move around in it, it just feels really free but at the sametime it gives me quite a lot of support. 

I also really like tops that are not toocropped, so this one is slightly longer. Slightly cropped you still show themidriff but not too much, and of course the back detail is just beautiful. So thefabric is sweat wicking, four-way stretch and it's engineered not to shrink.Judging from how often I wear it, it's still really really good in tip-topcondition. And all of my Lululemon pieces I've been wearing them to death theentire period so the quality is just top-notch. So for my bottom I'm wearing a pair of align pant. It's made of nulu fabric that gives you a reallylike buttery soft feeling. It just feels like second skin like as if you're notwearing anything. But the best thing is it's not too thin, so it's really good forstretching exercises that you want to do. 

It's also sweat- wicking and it'sfour-way stretch. If you are into yoga I feel like this combination is what Iwould personally recommend to you guys! So are we ready for the routine... LET'S GO! Alright so that was the end of theroutine. Once again I'm not a professional yoga instructor,  in fact I'mfar from it. I'm still a complete newbie but I have learned so much from Jessicaand I've also benefited so much from just incorporating yoga into my life.Just a few stretches like that I feel like it has helped me to pause on thenegative thoughts, and also help me to reflect better on all the positivethings. And I know as cliche as it sounds it does give me the time to just relax,put my mind at ease and I find myself being able to respond to my issues a lotmore rationally and a lot more clearly. I am open to learning new moves if youguys have any to share with me of course! Do let me know in the comments box down below what are some of the yoga moves that have helped you. So come 21st Juneis International Day of Yoga and I would like to just say Happy International DayOf Yoga to all of you.