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DIY Hair Masks To Try For Healthy Hair in 2020

DIY Hair Masks To Try For Healthy Hair in 2020

Nico Reyes: Oh, my God, ew! [laughs] Oh, I got some on my forehead, no! Hey, guys. I hope you're all staying safe and sane during this time. I've been treating myhair horribly lately, just not caring and puttingit into knots every day, so it's feeling very dry, very frizzy, dull, and flaky. So I figured that it might be fun to make some DIY hairmasks that might address all of the problems I'mhaving with my hair right now.

I've been scouring the internetfor different mask recipes and pulled ingredients from those to come up with these mask combos. Obviously, resources are scarce right now, so all of these masks have ingredients that I'm pretty sure most people have in their kitchen already. The first mask is hopefully gonna make my very dull hair shiny again. First you wanna struggle with getting half a cup of coconut oil into a bowl. If you're doing thisstep quickly and easily, you're doing it wrong. I'm just kidding. Then you're gonna step over your dog and put the bowl of oil in the microwave for 30 seconds to completely melt it. Coconut oil is an oil, so it's gonna lubricate your hair and leave it looking super shiny.

Then you're gonna squeeze outthe juice of half a lemon. Take out all of youraggression out on this lemon, like I did. It'll reallyhelp with the juicing. The lemon juice is gonna help clear up all of that product buildup in your hair that could be dulling it. Next, you're gonna add one egg. This is the first timeI've ever cracked an egg just using one hand, so I was celebrating behind the camera. Hell yeah, brother! That's the first timeI've ever cracked an egg with one hand in my entire life.

Eggs have a ton of fatty acids in them, which help repair the hair. And they also containsomething called lecithin, which I believe makesyour hair look shinier, or at least that's what science tells me. OK. OK.

I got so nervous with my makeup 'cause this mask is so wet. Obviously, if you're trying this at home, I feel like you're probably gonna be fine and not wearing a full face of makeup. Dyl, can you do me a favor? I need a towel. Like, a hand towel. Thank you. Dylan: Ew, what is that? Nico: Don't worry about it. Dylan: What is that? Nico: It's a hair mask! Dylan: But what's in it? Nico: It's coconut oil, egg, and lemon. Dylan: It looks like mashed potatoes. Nico: [laughs] It's not mashed potatoes! It's pretty evenly distributed throughout my hair at this point, and I can't put in any more without getting it all over myself, so I'm good here. I'm gonna leave this on for30 minutes and rinse it out, and then I will come back togive you my final thoughts. This mask was actuallya lot easier to wash out than I thought it was gonna be.

My hair does look really,really shiny to me right now, but it is still damp, so I feel like these resultsaren't exactly accurate. So I'm gonna let this dry overnight and tell you guys what I think tomorrow. Good morning, everybody. It is the next day after I tried the coconut oil, egg, andlemon hair mask for shine. And I do feel like my hair looks shinier. I don't think it'sanything, like, amazing, but it does look shinier,so that's something. I don't think I likethis coconut oil, though. It feels like it's not really, I guess, absorbing into my hair that well. It just feels really greasyand a little bit heavy, even though it is helping with the shine. On to mask No. 2. And this one is all about combating frizz, which is a problem thatI know all too well. First, you wanna chop your banana up and mush it until it's smooth. Banana is not easy toget out of your hair, so you really wanna make sure you mush it until it can't be mushed anymore. According to my research, bananas are great for taming frizzy hair because of their high silica content. Silica equals collagen,which equals frizz-free hair.

Next, you're gonna add 2 tablespoons of plain Greek yogurt. You can totally use plain yogurt if that's what you have. I'm gonna use Greek yogurtfor the extra protein. I'm using some Chobes. The protein in the yogurt isgreat for nourishing your hair, while the fat in the yogurtis good for moisturizing. The last ingredient of this hair mask is 1 tablespoon of honey. It's a super-popularingredient in hair masks, and for good reason, because it's a natural hume... humect... humectant, which, after googling for 10 minutes, I learned humectant issomething that retains water, which means your hair is gonna end up feeling moisturized, but not oily. Oh, my God, ew! [laughs] This doesn't feel great. It feels nice and cooling.It smells delicious. The consistency of thisisn't the best feeling. It kind of feels like throw up, like, seriously feels like throw up. You're gonna wanna leave thishair mask on for 15 minutes and then rinse off in the shower. See you in 15 minutes.

This is what my hair looks like after rinsing out my banana,yogurt, and honey hair mask. I have to say, it is not theeasiest mask to wash out. There was banana everywhere, and I still see some littletiny bits of banana in my hair, so I'm sure it's gonnatake one or two more washes for it to come completely out. I would definitely say, if you wanna try thismask out for yourself, puree your banana instead of mashing it, because that way you'll get, like, the smoothest consistency. But my hair looks somuch better than before.

I feel like the frizz is maybe, like, 90 to 95% managed. It's still a little frizzy, I think that's just the nature of my hair, but mostly it's tamed. And I think it smells amazing. Like, I keep doing, like,this to get whiffs of my hair, 'cause it smells so good. So I think I really like this one. Moving on to our next hair mask, this one is all about bringing moisture back into your curls,which I desperately need, because my hair is so dryand crunchy right now. I've been seriously neglectingmy curly-hair routine, so let's see what thisone does to help fix that. For this mask, you'regonna wanna start off with an entire avocado. Avocados are always described as being a "good fat," and that's true. The fatty acids in themare actually really good at moisturizing dry, coarse hair. Stevie, you are ruining this video.

Next, you're gonna wanna add 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise. [laughs] Mayonnaise! When I was in high school, Pinterest was kind of, like, at its peak. And I remember everybodyputting mayonnaise in their hair at some point. I never did that, but Iread this article on Byrdie that says mayonnaise isactually great for your hair because it contains egg yolks. In the egg yolks, there are fatty acids, biotin, lots of vitamins, folate, whatever that is.

I don't know. To finish it all off,you're gonna wanna add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Olive oil kept popping up in a lot of DIY maskrecipes for curly hair because it's full of antioxidants, it helps your hair retain moisture, and on top of that, ithelps reduce breakage, which is something Iam very interested in. Oh, I got some on my forehead, no! Oh, God! This looks like a babythrew up on my head. I'm gonna leave this onfor about 20 to 25 minutes. So, I'll see you when I rinse it out. I am loving the way my hair feels after rinsing that mask out. It feels so silky, way softer, and definitelymore moisturized.

So I feel like on that front, it did what it said it was gonna do. How it smells, on theother hand, it's not great. The scent of this mask lingers, and I feel like I have the kind of hair where any sort of smell, like,attaches itself to my hair, like, you can smell it, so I'm really not happy about that. I'm sure after another wash or two maybe it'll go away completely, but right now, I'm, like, sniffing it every time I shake my head around, and it's kind of like... [gags] This next hair mask is allabout targeting flaky scalps. I have dandruff.

It's really itchy, super uncomfortable, and it makes it really hardfor me to wear black clothes. It's just not a good look. I've actually nevertried any natural remedy to help treat dandruff, so I'm really excited to do this one. You're gonna start off with half a cup of apple cider vinegar. It's a gentle way to treat dandruff since it's an antifungal. I'm obviously not a doctor, but I was reading that dandruff could actually be caused by a yeast. Gross. But the apple cider vinegar helps kill the gross yeast thatgives you those flakes. Next, half a cup of honey. This is a lot of honey, but ithas antimicrobial properties that could stop thescalp yeast from growing. The last ingredient isfive drops of tea tree oil. Lots of people recommendedadding in tea tree oil because it has antifungal properties and it's an oil, so it'sgonna help moisturize. So, here's my mask.

Because it is such a watery consistency and I'm trying to concentrateit on my actual scalp, I put it in this spray bottle just to try and make it easier. It's falling into my face. And it doesn't smell good at all. This smells God awful. I mean, it's apple cider vinegar, I kind of expected it to smell terrible, but something about mixing it with the honey and tea treeoil makes it smell extra bad. Like, it stank. I'm really trying to, like,work it in there, girl. I'm not scratching. I'm using, like, myfingertips to do this thing. Massage it in. Get in there. OK, so, my head feels sufficiently wet.

I tried really hard toaim directly at my scalp, and I've been, like, massagingit in with my fingers just to make sure that it'sactually coating my scalp. So now we're gonna give it 15 minutes to kind of work its magic, and hopefully I will beflake-free at the end of this. So far, my scalp feelsreally, really clean. I'm gonna let this dry overnight and check back in with you guys tomorrow to see if any dandruff has returned. It's the next day. Myhair has fully dried, and I can already see a major,major difference in my scalp. I can also feel the difference. It's kind of crazy. Like, running my fingers through my scalp, I don't see any dandruff flying anywhere. It feels relatively clearand looks pretty clear. Compared to what I had before, this is probably the mask thathas made the most difference, and healthy hair starts with a good scalp. So I feel like I can definitely see myself doing this mask a lot.

I had the best time thisweek making DIY hair masks, and my hair feels so much better for it. I definitely had two standout favorites. The first was the moisturized curl mask, that one had avocado, oliveoil, and mayonnaise in it, and it really just did bring the life and shape back into my curls. They look so much better than before. The other was the scalp mask, which was apple cider vinegar,honey, and tea tree oil.

I cannot believe outof all of the products I've tried to help me get rid of dandruff, this was the one that actually worked, and the ingredients werejust lying in my kitchen this entire time. One thing I can sayoverall for this process is you definitely have to dothese masks more than once if you wanna see any long-term effects. All of them, though, were pretty great temporary solutions toall of my hair problems.