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Exercises That Will Make Your Lungs Stronge

Exercises That Will Make Your Lungs Stronge

 Thinking about making your lungs stronger? Your lungs already do so much for you. Try running up to the next block, and seeif you feel out of breath. Now imagine having this feeling all the time. This is how someone with weak lungs feels. Fortunately, there are exercises to buildstronger lungs. In today’s video, we will be discussingthem. 

Is diaphragmatic breathing enough? Can baby pushups and pilates help? What is pursed-lips breathing? We will be talking about all of this AND more...

 1. Diaphragmatic breathing There is a certain amount of air your lungscan hold. This is called your lung capacity. But with exercises like diaphragmatic breathing,you can increase this capacity. The name diaphragmatic breathing makes itsound like a complicated exercise, doesn’t it? Nah! It is simply the age-old belly breathing technique. 
All you will have to do is engage your diaphragmas you inhale and exhale. If you have Chronic Obstructive PulmonaryDisease (COPD), this exercise is all the more beneficial for you. And it will be more helpful if you do it whenyou’re relaxed. Diaphragmatic breathing also makes your diaphragmstronger. Wondering how to do it? Here’s a quick outline. Lie down or sit back with relaxed shoulders. Your one hand should be resting on your chest,while the other on your belly. As you inhale air through your nose, feelthe air moving into your body and raising the belly. Your belly should be moving out more thanyour chest. Now exhale through your nose. Keep your lips shut tight. As you exhale, feel the air moving out andyour belly and chest returning to their normal size. Repeat this exercise as many times as youcan throughout the day. 

2. 20-minute walks Do you enjoy walking? Start doing it more. Do you hate walks? Walks are great for your lungs. That’s not just me saying it. Even doctors recommend regular outdoor walksfor people with lung issues. Walking is the most simple form of exerciseto get your heart pumping. It makes your lungs stronger and builds yourlegs muscles. Can you say no to all these benefits? Walking strengthens the tissues around yourlungs, which means they will function better. But how should you be walking? Could you be doing it wrong? Yes, there are ways to get maximum benefitsfrom your walk. 
Since your motto is to get your heart to pumpmore blood and heal your tissues, it would make no sense if you’re just strolling by. Walk fast enough to not become overwhelmed. Your head should be up, back straight, anda heel to toe stride needs to be maintained. Remember, posture is everything. Your rib cage should be relaxed so that yourlungs can expand easily as you take deep breaths while walking. Going up a hill would be even better. Intensify this activity with time and yourlungs will thank you. Are you finding the list useful so far? Well, this next point will surely surpriseyou. But before we continue, why not subscribeto our channel for more videos like this, and hit the bell icon so you're always upto date. 

3. Baby Pushups If you’re like me and have a love-hate relationshipwith pushups, this isn’t for you. Just like normal pushups, baby pushups giveyou a better posture and stronger arms without the sore shoulders. Your tight muscles will loosen up and giveyou stronger lungs. How do you do it? Well, get in the pushup position first. Your body should be flat against the floor. Your neck should be aligned with your spine. Remember, posture has a BIG impact on theeffectiveness of an exercise. Take deep breaths and lift your neck, head,and shoulders off the ground while your palms are firmly pressed down to support your body. Your arms will be slightly bent at the elbows. Now as you exhale, slowly return back to thestarting position. Your baby pushups have to be in sync withyour breath. Do 10 reps in the starting pose and increasewith time. Deep breaths inflate your lungs and give youa higher capacity. 

4. Pilates Pilates is the one exercise that can do almosteverything for you. It will make your diaphragm stronger, giveyou controlled breathing, reduce back pain, and lead to toned abs. As if this wasn’t enough, pilates will giveyour lungs the ultimate strength to withstand all bodyweight exercises. Now how do you do pilates? First, lie on your back with your feet pressedfirmly on the floor. Knees bent. Arms should be on your sides, with palms facingdownwards. Inhale as deeply as possible and lift yourhead, neck, and shoulders off the ground. You should be in the half-sitting position. While you’re at it, lift your legs off theground. Make sure your knees don’t bend, and yourlegs are straight. Your position should be in a 45 degree angle. Take 10 short breaths, and pump your armsup and down ten times. Slowly return to your original position. Pilates will be difficult at first. You might feel as if every ounce of strengthin your body is being used at once. But don’t give up and focus on your breath. When you see the results, you will only loveit more. Before we move ahead, here is a video youmay like. Want to get rid of your muffin top? Here is a video that can help you do that. Watch and learn. 

5. Pursed-lips breathing Pursed-lips are your lung’s best friend. They help you collect more air. The exercise keeps your airways open longer,which means your breaths have a lot less work to do. This slowdown effect on your breathing makesit easy for your lungs to do their job. Even the oxygen and carbon dioxide exchangewill improve. And more points for pursed-lip breathing asit is easy for beginners to do. If you had any struggles with diaphragmaticbreathing, take this breathing exercise up first. Practice it any time. At home, or outside. So, how do you do it? It’s easy. Shut your lips tight and purse them as ifyou’re pouting for a selfie. Inhale air slowly through your nostrils. Then exhale through your pursed lips. Remember, your breaths coming out should taketwice as long as it took you to breathe in. You just did one round of pursed-lips breathing. Do as many as you can. It won’t tire you out. In fact, I find concentrating on breath meditativeand calming. And all this while you’re strengtheningyour lungs. 

6. Good Posture Bad posture doesn’t just make you stoopand give you back pain. It is suffocating for your lungs as well. When you have bad posture, your lungs getsqueezed. They don’t have sufficient space to expandwhen you take deep breaths. As a result, you breathe shallow, which reducesthe capacity of your lungs. Wait, that’s not all. Shallow breathing means you have less oxygenin your body, which makes you feel tired all the time. So, make sure to correct your posture andmake it easier for your lungs to get oxygen. Revive your body by maintaining the rightposture. 

7. Swimming Now you have all the more reasons to takea dip in the pool. Swimming is great for your body. Your muscles will be more defined, the cardiovascularsystem gets better, and your lungs will be stronger than what you started with. Swimming is the perfect lung exercise thatgives you all the benefits of a good cardio workout without leaving you tired. Just make sure you’re breathing in throughyour nose the entire time, while breathing out through your mouth. This is important because it leads to properdisposal of carbon dioxide from your body, which means no fatigue. Yay! 

8. Running Running is great for your waistline and yourlungs. Sports that build up endurance are very goodfor your lungs, as you take in more air. You will be surprised to know that the shortnessof breath is often wrongly blamed upon lungs while a lot of times it is the muscles givingtrouble. When you are exercising, overexerting yourmuscles makes them produce lactic acid. Lactic acid gives your muscles soreness. This happens because they don’t have enoughoxygen to break down glucose for energy. Lactic acid makes your body crave more oxygenand in turn, you feel short of breath. When you do endurance sports, your musclesbuild tolerance against lactic acid and your lungs get saved from hard work. 

9. Empty your lungs How do you fill something? By emptying it first, right? You need to do this with your lungs. Empty them so you can fill them back up withmore clean air. How do you do it? Stand straight, keeping your knees loose. Bend over at the waist as you exhale air likeyou’re emptying your lungs. Slowly return to the original position whileinhaling deeply to re-fill your lungs. Now, as you hold your breath, extend yourarms above your head. Hold the position for 20 seconds and thenrelax your arms. You just completed one repetition. Do more as per your comfort level. Do you do any of the exercises described inthis video? Can you hold your breath for 20 seconds straight? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!