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High Uric acid levels increase because of this

High Uric acid levels increase because of this| foods high in uric acid

Hello friends, 
In this post I am going to explain about to high Uric acid and which foods in high uric acid. 
So read this post carefully. 

What is uric acid, why does its level increasesin the human body, and is it dangerous? It is important to know the answers to thesequestions in order to maintain your health for many years! And we will answer them in this video. Also, at the end we will share the most effectivetips that will help in the fight against increased levels of this substance. 

These tips will help reduce the likelihoodof developing health problems. But before you start watching, share yourrecipes and remedies that you use in everyday life! So, let's get started. First, let us answer the first question. 

Uric acid is the final product that is obtainedby processing purine bases. They are the main components and cellularbasis of nucleotides (the basic parts of DNA and RNA molecules). This substance is formed in the liver, andgets out along with urine. Moreover, the increased content of this acidnegatively affects the proper functioning of the body systems. The normal level of uric acid in the bodyof an adult is 180-530 micromole / Lt. Issues are caused, as a matter of fact, by malfunctionsin the processes of the formation of the substance in the liver, as well as due to slow excretionby the kidneys. 

A change upwards (hyperuricemia) is fraughtwith several consequences. For example, there is an increased likelihoodof gout disease, joint inflammation, arthritis. Because of this, serious pains can be experiencedon an ongoing basis, and in the worst case, a person can become disabled! That's why you need to know what causes anincrease of uric acid levels in the blood. According to numerous medical research data,most often this problem is due to a sudden changes in physiological conditions. Such are:- high amounts of protein in food - suddenly increased physical activity- prolonged starvation - excessive drinkingBut that's not all of it. Let's analyze other common reasons that causehyperuricimia: - Arterial hypertension. 

Already in the second stage, the level ofuric acid in the blood increases. This circumstance can lead to kidney damageand accelerated development of the disease. - Kidney failure, polycystic kidney disease,lead poisoning, acidosis, toxicosis during pregnancy. In this regard, acid excretion processes areslowed down, and it piles up in the blood, making something already difficult even worse. - High cholesterol or lipoprotein. - Gout, or, as it is often called, the diseaseof kings. It is both a consequence and a cause of increaseduric acid. - In case of abuse of aspirin, diuretics,during chemotherapy or tuberculosis medications. 

All of them seem to be completely differentmedications, but they are in the same book in this case. - Issues with endocrine system (we are talkingabout hypoparathyroidism, acromegaly, diabetes mellitus in particular). - Also, doctors say that hyperuricemia canbe caused by malnutrition. Particularly, with excessive consumption ofproducts containing purine elements. These include smoked goodies (fish or meat),canned foods, liver (pork or beef), kidneys, mushrooms and fried meat in large quantities. It is best to consume these consciously, otherwiseit can lead to an increased uric acid levels! And we remember the consequences; they certainlycannot be called positive. So, the causes of the imbalance can be notonly sudden jumps in physiological conditions or pathologies, but also habits. Harmful, of course. That's why in order to help you cope withthe problem yourself, we have prepared these simple tips! And before you get familiar with them, sharethis video with your friends - they will be grateful for the care! As we said earlier, diet has a serious effecton the content of uric acid in the bloodstream. For this reason, it is necessary:First, reduce the consumption of these products: - Beans and mushrooms- Chocolate, coffee and cocoa - Tomatos and spinachSecondly, completely exclude these from your menu:- Alcohol - Thick and rich broth- Fatty meat, fish, offal and smoky meats - Spicy dishes (seasoning, snacks, sauces,pickles) - As well as other foods with a high concentrationof sodium salts. And lastly: we recommend drinking at least2-2.5 liters of liquid. Filtered water is your best option. This way you will help your body in the excretionof uric acid! Follow our simple tips to stay healthy foryears to come!