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How to do facial with natural Ingredients| DIY home facial | only 4 step

How to do facial with natural Ingredients| DIY home facial | only 4 step

in this article we r going tom do a simple 4 steps facial with natural ingrediants at home Lock down has again started, so its better to do facial at home. many are in depression, eleminate all the negative thoughts and try to golw in and out and stay healthy in this difficult time.

Enhance your beauty... basically dis facial has 4steps, cleansing, scrubbing, massaging and face pack. lets c the ingredients for cleansing for cleansing-
1 tomato(grinded) before cleansing, take a clean cloth and damp with water and clean the face Take a cotton pad and dip it on the tomato mixture and apply face & neck Now use your fingers and gently massage all the face like how im doing, for 5mins always massage neck and face downwards to up for good skin elasticity everytime.

After 5mins , take the damp wet cloth or wash your face in water For scrubbing- 1 spoon rice flour & tomato puree and mix well u can even subsitute with sugar if not having rice flour scrub for 5 mins all your face, neck, nose sides, fore head, chin Take a good 2mins steam and the remove the whiteheads with the instrument shown if u have it orelse skip it If u have this instrument u can use it how i d and then wash your face with water Now tap your face with towel very softly 3 rd massaging- 1 half size aloevera or aloevera gel and massage foe 5 mins for good blood circulation After 5 mins of massage, let the alovera sit for 1min and then clean your face softly 4th step- Facial face pack Take 1 spoon gram flour, 1spoon tomato puree, 1/2 ts instant coffee powder, turmeric paste\ powder, quater spoon curd & 5 drops of rose water Apply the mask all your face, neck, ears. 2 thick coats u can apply keep the face pack for max 20 mins U can apply dis facial 2 times in a week for best results, no side effects take a small piece of beetroot and gently apply on the lips and wash it when u r washing your face pack ater 20 mins of waiting, here is face pack look :P Yayy... Dis is visible reults you all can see.

Clear and spotless glowing skin Last step- take a cotton pad and pour some rose water and apply it all your face and neck gently dis step is for making skin supple Try this micrale facial and comment and suggest on your experience on the comment box will meet you soon ... subscribe my website.

Take care all.. love ..