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How to make a organic skin care and how to use

How to make a organic skin care and how to use

Hi everyone! How are you? I'm back with another skincare post The topic of this week is very special I'll mostly focus on organic skincare products, which are products from natural and organic ingredients I got a lot of request for this topic This post is extremely helpful if you have sensitive skin If you're interested in organic skincare, then this is also made for you Before getting further into the review session, I will briefly talk about what Organic Skincare is Organic skincare is also called natural cosmetics These products extracted from fruits and plants, etc...

They are amazing for our skin, especially for those with sensitive skin Natural ingredients have a lot of benefits for the skin Besides they won't irritate our skin and bring other side effects, they also nourish the skin inside and out More importantly, organic skincare is cruelty-free, meaning they are not tested on animals, very gentle for the skin However, since they're natural products and contain no preservatives, they have a shorter shelf life That is the overall introduction of organic skincare Just like most of you, I'm often worried when testing out a new skincare product The concern is "How will my skin react to it?" Luckily, my skin did not irritate, but oppositely, my skin really liked these products So I'm very confident today sharing with you all of the products I have been using lately Are you ready? Let's get started! The first one is from Teami, Super Food Cleanser This facial cleanser is for daily use, and it's rich in antioxidants A few key components are matcha, turmeric, apple, and sea kelp I'm amazed because the colors we see here are all from natural ingredients They don't add any artificial color or fragrance That is why I'm so impressed with Teami products The combination of matcha, apple, and turmeric delivers a relaxing scent It smells like I'm in a spa whenever I use it This cleanser is also very smooth, when I apply it on and massage, it doesn't dry out my skin It can clean the skin well and my pores get smaller This face wash can thoroughly clean the skin, but also very gentle, so it's suitable for both day and nighttime I also use it with REFA cleansing brush I adore this cleansing brush from REFA, if only I knew this product sooner The brush is really soft When we move it circularly on our skin, it won't give the harsh pressure It can embed deeply into our pores to remove the impurities This REFA brush has 3 levels The first level is Soft, most gentle The second one is Clean, which vibrates harder You just have to move it gently on your cheeks and nose areas, etc...

As it's so gentle, I'm not worrying it will damage my skin If I could go back in time, I would remind myself to be more gentle with cleansing my face It sounds simple, but it's the most important step If we wash our face too harsh, the skin can easily damage and age faster This is an amazing combo for sensitive skin, as well as acne-prone and problematic skin This is the perfect combo for those skin types The next product is a Detox Mask from Teami This is a detoxifying mask to cleanse out impurities I use this mask at least 2 - 3 times per week to clear my pores It contains matcha, lemongrass, and bentonite clay This clay mask has a smooth consistency, which is easy to spread on the skin The scent of it is just so good I don't have anything negative to say about Teami products It smells great Once again, the color and the scent are natural, without any chemical ingredients The instruction is simple Use a flat brush to apply an even layer on our skin Wait for about 15 - 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water, before starting with other skincare products By both exfoliating and detoxifying with this clay mask, my blackheads and pores have tighten significantly My skin gets oily in the summer These products help to remove embedded dirt from my pores I'm no longer worried about the blackhead issue on my nose anymore After masking, I'll use this face mist from Caudalie I have mentioned this product many times before I use it every day now, especially in the summer When the weather gets too hot, I will use it to calm and hydrate my skin I spray it freely on my face, the spray itself is ultra-fine and it can evenly spread on the entire face It immediately awakens me up So refreshing I pat it gently for the liquid to absorb to my skin It provides the moisture that the skin may lose from facial cleansing I will also introduce to you the new Vitamin C serum from Teami It's called Hibicus Infused Serum It has the hibiscus extract, aka red artichoke This red color is from the natural hibiscus I usually use 3 pumps to massage onto my skin This serum has a gel texture, so it absorbs immediately Within just 30 secs, this Vitamin C can fully absorb onto our skin It dries fast, which is ideal for the summer It has a soothing scent Vitamin C can against aging, it brightens skin tone and fades away blemishes and fine lines All components in this serum are natural extractions, such as hibiscus It also has Hyaluronic acid, which helps to lock the moisture for our skin Once this serum is absorbed, my skin gets firmer, and the pores appear smaller Lastly is moisturizer This moisturizer contains up to 68% Sea Buckthorn Sea buckthorn has a few components that are super beneficial for the skin, such as Vitamin A, C, E These components are the wonderful nourishment to anti-age our skin If you notice, there're many products today that are made from sea buckthorn Sea buckthorn is a miracle ingredient Besides moisturizing, it can wonderfully prevent aging and produce collagen This gel moisturizer is clear and lightweight With only a tiny amount is enough to moisturize our face It absorbs quickly and very cooling on the skin It doesn't cause the skin to become oily or leave the sticky feeling The result after a few weeks of using this product is a plumped, hydrated, and glowy skin In less than a minute, the product has already absorbed to my skin It doesn't give the sticky or uncomfortable feeling As I said, all of these products are made with natural ingredients, which are extremely beneficial and gentle for the skin By complementing organic products into the skincare routine, it brings lots of benefits to our skin They allow our skin to relax and stay away from products.