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How to Remove Acne & Pimple With Homemade Soap step by step

How to Remove Acne & Pimple With Homemade Soap step by step

I'm going to tell you How to make acne & pimpleremoval soap at home You can use it on your body even if you have pimple on yourback If you have dark spot, itchynessand infection Because of acne and pimple thenit will reduce them too So friends watch this video tillend and follow it step by step Friends,

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Take 30-40 leaves of neem Take 10-15 leaves of Tulsi Grind both the ingredients After grinding them add halflemon Lemon has vitamin C which reducesthe skin damage Add pinch of Turmeric Powder Add 1 spoon Manjistha Powder Add 1 spoon aloe vera gel Add 6-8 tea tree oil Add this mixture well Neem reduces acne scars,pigmentation and black heads and also moisturizes the skin Tulsi has antibacterial andantifungal properties which frees acne and blemishes Now our mixture is ready and wewill keep it aside for some time Our next step is double boiling We will melt our soap base withthe help of double boiling method Here is have used Glycerine SoapBase Which I bought from amazonand link in description This is 100% natural product You have to melt the same way Iam doing here Stir it till it melts completelyand it should liquified Now you can see that it hasmelted completely And now we will add out mixturein it After add the mixture, stir it well Boil it for 2 minutes Turmeric reduces acne scars,dark spots and pores Manjistha removes skin deaseslike acne, infection, swealing also improves the skin complection Aloe vera gel has coolingproperties which moisturisesand makes skin glow Take a soap trey Here i have used silicon treywhich I also bought it from amazon You can also buy it from thereI'll give link in the description You can use any box or ice-creamcup if you don't have silicon trey I'll pour it in trey also keep it in freezer Here I have taken our soapsfrom freezer Now I'll remove them Here you can see how well it hasturned out I'll take out all the soap fromthe trey Our soap is ready now Friends. Thank you for reading this article