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How to Strong Immunity System | Immune Booster Shot Recipe | Ginger shot

How to Strong Immunity System | Immune Booster Shot Recipe | Ginger shot 

  Today I will share with you. How to strong your Immune system as well as Immune booster drink Recipe. But before this, I will clear you that I am not a Doctor or health specialist. This all information is my personal research and experience. There is a famous saying... "Prevention is better than Cure" So the purpose of this video is to prevent you from sickness and infection and boost your immune system in a natural way. 

Just with little change in your daily Routine and with this immune booster drink. To get strong immunity, First of all, get enough sleep, At least 7 to 8 hours . Make sure you get 8 hours sleep In addition , you need to eat Fresh and seasonal fruits vegetables and healthy Fats For instance, Olive oil ,coconut oil Pure Ghee and Nuts . dry fruits like almonds etc. You must have noticed that whenever someone is stressed our appetite change. some people eat a lot and some do not eat at all. I have seen someone also get Diarrhea because stress upset digestive system In Ayurveda and Chinese herbal medicine also talk about Gut health. 

As per them, all diseases are related to Gut health. Gut health means , our digestive system if our stomach is weak Then there is more chances to have weak immune system So light stress can be manage by setting our routine task and doing 30 minutes physical activities such as walking, yoga or any form of physical activity. These are some tips that can help you to get strong immune system and healthy life. Now I am going to tell you about immune booster drink. It is also called Energy booster shot , Fat burner shot and immune booster shot too. Actually, I traveled to Los Angles, California last year. So there I Found this shot in many restaurant. There people drank it before meals.

 As per them, This is good for Gut health, Bloating and work as Fat burner shot to reduce belly fat. on my trip, I had it almost everyday before a meal. Then after 30 minutes I used to eat. I noticed it's benefits. I felt energetic and my digestive system worked very well . I felt hungry too. In this Shot, I will use Ginger. Ginger has many health benefit, It is anti inflammatory, good for digestive system and treats stomach , throat infections. In addition, I will use Turmeric It is antioxidant and slow the ageing process and help healing. Whenever you use turmeric in food or Milk, always add some black pepper too. 

because it help Curcumin to absorb in the body which is good chemical found in turmeric. For Vitamin C , I am using fresh lemon juice in this drink. For this immune booster shot, I will take 3 inch ginger and 3 inch size of fresh turmeric. Both should be equal in quantity. and finally one lemon juice. If you do not have fresh Turmeric. You can add 1/2 tea spoon of turmeric powder in it. Now I will peel and then will grind it to get it's juice. Whenever you cut fresh turmeric, it has yellow color that will stick to your hands .So be careful if you are wearing light color . I have chopped it. Let't grind it. 

after grind I will sieve it to get Ginger turmeric Juice. Do not throw this pulp you can use it in cooking. so do not waste it. For this shot, Add 3 spoons of Ginger turmeric juice. Two spoons of lemon Juice. and a pinch of black pepper. Now mix it well and your Immunity booster shot is ready. so this is lemon ginger shot which is also known as energy booster shot and fat burner . Good for energy and help to make strong immune system. You can make it daily. If you have no time to make this shot daily, then you can refrigerate only ginger and turmeric juice for 2 days.

 and always add fresh lemon juice in it. You need to drink it in one sip. because it has bitter taste That's why it need to drink in second as a medicine. It is too bitter. After this shot, do not eat any thing at least for 30 minutes. This is so good for throat infection. It has so many health benefits . So do try it. you can have it 3 to 4 times a week It will be good if you can have it daily. 

otherwise drink it for 3 days . Then you will be amazed . If you like my video, please like it and share it with your family and friends. If you are new to my channel Please subscribe it and press the bell notification button. so that you can watch my new videos. Take care yourself and remember me in your prays.